Puzzle #1

This is a Heyawake puzzle.

Difficulty: medium
Theme: 21, for no apparent reason.

Puz-PRE link.

I figured it was time that I started posting puzzles instead of merely reviewing other peoples' puzzle apps or showing how region parity worked.

Because I create these puzzles in Paint.NET instead of using a script to do it like most puzzle authors (I do not have the programming knowledge necessary to write my own script, and I'm really not sure if anyone wants to lend me theirs), these puzzles are of a very low resolution. On the other hand, this means that I don't have to carry around with me a notebook for keeping track of my puzzles; I can instead carry around with me a notebook for keeping track of my puzzles, something which I already do. (Let the meaning of that previous sentence sink in.)

It's a slight shame that it's not my 21st birthday, or that of anyone whom I know. Perhaps I should have waited until it was to post this.

As with pretty much every other puzzle blog on the rest of the internet, DO NOT SPOIL THE ANSWER IN THE COMMENT SECTION. If you absolutely must spoil something regarding the puzzle-solving process, please encode it with ROT13. Should you require assistance with the puzzle, you may email me at the email given in the "About" page.

As with pretty much every other puzzle blog on the rest of the internet, UNIQUENESS LOGIC AND PURE GUESSING ARE FAIR GAME. However, in either case, you will not get as much satisfaction from solving the puzzle, and in the latter, you have not proven uniqueness of the solution, which is something which I somewhat frown upon for most puzzle types.

Finally, should you find multiple solutions to a puzzle, it is best posted as a comment instead of an email.

So in other words, please obey the rules of every other puzzle blog on the internet.


  1. I use a spreadsheet program (MS Excel, but if you want a free alternative you can do OpenOffice) to make the grids. I then copy them to MS Paint, do some last minute editing (if I can't do it directly on Excel), then publish.

    1. Interesting. Are circles, like in Masyu, part of said last-minute editing? If not, how are those done?

      For the record, I'll still use Paint.NET, since I really can't be bothered to ensure that all the cells are square in OpenOffice, and I can't be bothered to screenshot anything. In the future, I'll probably increase the cell size at some point and get a file for preset fonts.

    2. For me, I have many sprites, including black/white circles; I just do Insert Picture to a cell, nudge it a few pixels, and we have a centered picture in a cell. I should make a blog post about that some time, huh.

      In Excel, I know when you resize the rows/columns, you get a tooltip indicating the width/height; I forgot about OpenOffice, but if there's any like that there, just use the same.

  2. I use MSpublisher then screenshot (which causes non-floodfillable cells sometimes)

  3. "Notebook" like a paper notebook and "notebook" like a computer. I get it. Haha!

    I had never seen Heyawake puzzles before but I just learned the rules by doing some examples on the Nikoli site and then I tackled yours. I made this page to help me experiment: http://jdgmiles.github.io/Edderiofer-s-Heyawake-21/

    With the help of that page I was able to solve the puzzle. It was really fun!

    I love the design. I was stuck for a long time on one part (I think you can guess which), then solved that as a subproblem and the rest worked out nicely from there.

    Great stuff!