Puzzle #8

This is a Masyu puzzle.

Difficulty: trivial

Theme: Diagonal Antisymmetry

What's this? A simple Masyu puzzle for my first post in ages? Yes.

On Twitter right now, a few Japanese puzzlemakers are using a Shindanmaker to decide what puzzles to create. My task was to create an 8-by-8 Masyu that had givens with linear symmetry. Naturally, I decided to make one with antisymmetry because antisymmetric Masyus are considered beautiful.

And of course, I forgot about the size of the grid when making it. And it also turned out way easier than I'd have liked it. Ugh.

Oh well, I'm still posting it here for content because I still think it's a nice theme. Thanks go to mathgrant for helping me place a pair of givens to give a unique solution when I thought I'd run into something unfixable.

Hmm, the word "run" in "I thought I'd run into" could be in either past perfect tense or present conditional tense. Interesting.

Anyway, I think I'll post the 8x8 Masyu if I construct it. Which I hopefully will.

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