Puzzle #10

This is a Quadrant Clue Placement Masyu puzzle, a variant of Masyu. In addition to the rules of Masyu, within each quadrant, add the corresponding given 3x2 arrangement of clues, given at right. Blank squares within the arrangement must lie within the quadrant, and should be treated as "transparent" in that if they overlap an existing clue, the existing clue continues to exist. Arrangements may NOT be rotated.

Difficulty: Medium

Theme: Two by Two

Puz-PRE link. (Note that this is a link to the editor, not the solver. This is so that you can add the clues yourself.)

So... I dreamt that I was solving a puzzle of this genre. Then I woke up halfway through solving and got really pissed off that I couldn't finish the job. So I got up and constructed this puzzle. (Turns out the puzzle I was solving in my dream was either a Liar Quadrant Placement Masyu puzzle, or I'd made some really stupid false deductions in my dream. Funny how my subconscious was able to determine that we'd need a ton of black circles in the arrangements to force things, but wasn't able to make good deductions?

This one probably has a bit more case-bashing than my puzzles usually do.

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