Puzzle #11

This is a Ciphered Clue Tapa puzzle, a variant of Tapa. In addition to the rules of Tapa, each clue has been replaced by a letter. Different letters refer to different clues, and the same letters refer to the same clues. (Note that a clue may be composed of multiple numbers, unlike in regular Cipher Tapa where each letter corresponds to a single number.)

Difficulty: Evil Zinger

Theme: The most X-hausting Ciphered Clue Tapa ever!

Puz-PRE link. (Note: Because Puz-PRE does not use letters in Tapa, all Xs in the puzzle have been replaced by question marks in the link. Puz-PRE interprets "?" as meaning "a single number", and does not have the "same letters refer to the same clues" constraint programmed in, so the solver may mark incorrect answers as correct and correct answers as incorrect.)

Because Puz-PRE does not use letters in Tapa, I had to manually go in and edit all the ?s into Xs. Bleugh.

Anyway, as with my previous Evil Zinger, I don't blame you if you've stopped trying after 10 seconds. Remember to prove uniqueness!

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