Puzzle #13

This is a Go puzzle.

Oh wait no, it's actually a Masyu. (Click on image to get a Masyu grid. With hope, this will work, though I'm not immediately sure as Blogspot's "Preview" option doesn't allow you to click on links.)

Yes, that's right, just click on this and you'll get a version of the puzzle that's on an actual Masyu grid instead of a Go board.

Difficulty: hard

Theme: White Wins

I made a joke when watching someone stream Go (aka Baduk, aka Weiqi), about Go positions actually being Masyu positions. Several weeks later, the idea was still bobbing around in my head, so I made this weird puzzle to go in a post on /r/badukshitposting. It also involves repeated application of a trick that should be known to all intermediate/advanced Masyu solvers.

(To save you unnecessary checking, there are no "3-white-circles-in-a-row" configurations in this position.)

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